Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Finding the right primary care physician is an important, yet sometimes challenging decision.

Our network includes:

  • Community-based patient care and quality service
  • Board-certified physicians with access to specialists and services

Finding a Primary Care Doctor: Things to Consider

You need a doctor whom you can communicate with — one who takes time to listen and fully understands your health care needs.
The following may help you decide on the right primary care doctor for you and your family.


  • Is the physician's office convenient to your home, work, or children's school?
  • Do the office hours meet your needs?

Provider preferences:

  • Do you prefer your family doctor to be an internist or a family practitioner?
  • Do you prefer a male or female physician?
  • Are the physician’s credentials — such as medical education, residency, and board certification — important to you?

Practice size and options:

  • Do you prefer a large practice with many doctors or a smaller practice?
  • Do you need access to specialty physicians or have any special health concerns?
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