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Causes of Hip Pain

A variety of activities can lead to hip injuries. Anything from playing a contact sport to running can cause a severe injury to the hip. Hip injuries can also be caused by something as simple as overusing the joint or taking a fall.

Hip flexor injuries and labrum tears can cause extreme pain, but the extent of these injuries will often be different from person to person and require a personalized approach.


Treatments for Hip Pain and Injury

Hip injuries can differ in pain level and severity. Some may require rest while others could call for hip replacement surgery. Our surgeons will work to provide you with an accurate diagnosis as well as a personalized treatment plan to help reduce pain and increase mobility.


Recovery if Hip Surgery is Medically Necessary

Recovery from hip replacement surgery will depend on the complexity of the operation but also on the patient’s age, fitness, and dedication to post-surgery strengthening exercises. Our team will work with you individually to forecast recovery timelines and healing prognosis.


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